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Like you, we care deeply about the future of the world our kids will inherit. Sustainability and the responsible use of resources are central to our thinking. As manufacturers, designers, and parents it is important to us that just as we create products that are truly useful and helpful, we think ahead past their initial use and create a new life and function for our products that have completed their service to you. 

We are currently working on creative methods to re-purpose the silicone material used in SipSnaps in an energy-efficient manner.  Our solution will focus on making the second life every bit as desirable as the first product and will be made in the USA.

If you find that at some point you no longer have use for your SipSnaps please simply pop them in an envelope and send them back to us at:


SipSnap Re-purpose Project

PO Box 40397

San Francisco, CA 94110-0397



We’ll be happy to receive them and continue their cycle of use! Thank you.