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Shipping & Delivery

We Ship Worldwide!

We ship from our warehouses in the United States, Canada, the E.U. and Australia.  Customers in these regions can enjoy delivery without worry of customs charges!  To select your purchase currency, please use the pull down menu in the top left hand corner of this page.  You can view prices in your own currency, however please note the final checkout will display in U.S. Dollars.  

Listed below are average shipping costs for one set of SipSnaps in select regions.  We provide a delivery time indication based on the relevant postal service standards.

At check out exact shipping costs will be calculated based on the actual postal charges and handling fees to ship directly to you. As you add more items to your cart the shipping rate becomes proportionately lower.   We hope you find this table helpful! We are open to feedback at friends@sipsnap.com.


Average Shipping 

Cost for 1 Set 

Delivery Aim
USA 4.00 USD 3-5 business days
Canada 9.00 CAD 5-7 business days 
Australia 9.00  AUD 2-5 business days
New Zealand 9.50  NZD 5-10 business days
France 6.10 EUR 5-7 business days
Germany 6.10 EUR 5-7 business days
Netherlands 6.10 EUR 5-7 business days
Spain 6.20 EUR 5-7 business days
Italy 6.20 EUR 5-7 business days
Poland 6.80 EUR 5-7 business days
Croatia 8.00 EUR 10-15 business days
Hong Kong 100 HKD 5-12 business days
Japan 1630 JPY 5-12 business days
Singapore 19.00 SGD 5-12 business days
UAE 54.00 AED 7-9 business days
Kuwait 5.00 KWD 7-9 business days
Saudi Arabia 55.20 SAR 7-9 business days